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Set in the season 2154, where the very rich stay on a man-made area place while the relax of the inhabitants exists on a damaged World, a man requires on a objective that could carry equal rights to the polarized planets.

  • IMDB Rating: IMDB Rating
  • Directed by:Neill Blomkamp
  • Writer(s):Neill Blomkamp
  • Cast:Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley
  • Distributor:Columbia Pictures
  • Genre:Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller
  • Release Date:9 August 2013 (USA)
  • Runtime:109 min

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  • Kosio

    super muvies


    Elysium was quickly my most discussed up film for summer time season. Neil Blomkamp came into the field a few decades ago with the awesome film region 9, so Elysium has been lengthy expected. So the query is does it stay up to all the buzz and can it achieve the stage that region 9 did? Unfortunately the response is no. Compared with District 9 the tale here is a very easy one, with no actual feeling of political/controversial undertones, and that is a pity because Elysium’s story is ideal for this. (Watch Elysium Online) Instead we get a very common tale with no actual excitement and unfortunately Blomkamp made the decision to take it easy here. Now Elysium is not an terrible film by any indicates, actually it’s excellent but it the issue here is that it’s heavy down by it’s convenience. The camera-work and soundtrack also harm Elysium in a feeling that the audio and songs are almost non available, and the photographic camera perform looks like it was shot to be in 3d but then they made the decision out creating it seem almost like videos clip gaming. He Damon delivers in a reasonable performance but it is Sharlto Copley here who takes the display with his part as the rogue. It’s going to be a big season for sci-fi movies but i would suggest viewing the unrated sci-fi film oblivion over this. Elysium finishes up enjoying it secure and becoming common with no actual excitement. There is a huge establishing here but they never take benefits of that reality. Hopefully Blomkamp can get returning to normal with his next film, but i do anticipate excellent achievements to come from him in the lengthy run. While not terrible, Elysium shows to be somewhat of a frustration. Ranking : 6 out of 10

  • steve beard

    After director Neill Blomkamp’s amazing first appearance movie Region 9 I was naturally willing to see his new sci-fi movie Elysium. Unfortunately his second function doesn’t quite coordinate up with the achievements that were Region 9.

  • Efrain Sanchez

    Visually the movie is quite amazing and it has some outstanding cinematography when it comes to the bigger photos. The CGI results are outstanding and combination in well with the surroundings. The World of the movie looks very gritty, credible and lived-in and the area place Elysium has this very clean and innovative look to it. You could really buy it that World could look like this with many years of ignore and hardship. Everything’s damaged and in decrease. The wealthy however have every source available to them in their own little heaven in area. The set and manufacturing developers truly did an outstanding job with the places.

  • aracataca

    Matt Damon is reasonable as the film’s character Max who is an ex-con now operating on arranging the droids which keep purchase on the now overpopulated World. His part and the composing of his personality isn’t anything too unique or unforgettable but he does what he can with it. He’s just a no rubbish guy who is tossed into a challenging scenario. He was also quite ironic and crazy when he was dealing with the droids in the previously aspect of the movie but we didn’t see this part of him at all after that. Alice Braga performs Max’s child year’s buddy Frey with whom Max satisfies up again when he’s a mature. I didn’t experience much of a psychological relationship or chemical make up between them though and that affected the movie a bit. Their returning tale is informed almost definitely in expressive flashback series which I didn’t proper take good care of. The antagonists in this movie were very one-dimensional and over the top. Jodie Promote performs Elysium’s protection reverend Delacourt and Sharlto Copley (who was also in Region 9) performs an undercover broker known as Kruger who is put on World. They’re both very saying and boring. The composing of all the figures wasn’t very outstanding at all in this movie and I didn’t get psychologically spent in any of them.

  • Slice cody

    The tale isn’t that outstanding either and this then also requires away from the film’s many activity series because we don’t have that big a share in them. The movie begins quite highly as it juxtaposes the scenario on World and on Elysium to emphasize the issues of public and financial inequality. Then instantly when the activity begins, these issues reduce far in to the qualifications in support of more and more activity. From the trailer and the buzz I really got this impact that the movie would cope with these issues in a careful way. Unfortunately this is not the situation with this movie. A big issue with the movie is also that none of the figures seems to understand anything new or modify their values or anything like that. A large aspect of the achievements of Region 9 was in seeing how the primary personality progressed after a bit of your energy and effort with the aliens. In Elysium the outstanding individuals are the outstanding individuals and bad individuals are the bad individuals. There’s no complexness, nuance or seductively in any of them. We also don’t get to fulfill any other individuals of Elysium beside the greater up management like protection reverend Delacourt and chief executive Patel. It might have been exciting to see the typical individuals of Elysium and how they respond to the scenario, what their values are and what pushes them. The composing is also a little too outlined and heavy-handed. Some of it just created me thinks “Wow, really?” For example, at one factor the CEO of the android manufacturing organization basically informs some mid-level administrator not to take in at his route. Factors also seem to occur way too ideally to force the tale along. Then again you could say this about many films but you really begin to concentrate on these matters when you’re not definitely immersed in the movie. This movie definitely might have helped from a more simple strategy. The finishing was also way too simple for my flavor.

  • Socrates

    The activity in this movie is quite extreme and it looks very amazing at periods. The exoskeletons were fun and seemed effective. Oh boy. It’s really quite frustrating and very often it’s challenging to see what’s going on. They should have really taken a web page from the Bourne films on how to capture activity moments. Fortunately the unreliable cam isn’t there all enough time but the activity could have definitely been enhanced with a better capturing design.

    All in all, the movie has reasonable activity with definitely stunning graphics and it goes along at an outstanding speed. Unfortunately the composing, the tale and the figures aren’t that exciting and it’s challenging to get psychologically spent in this movie. It’s viewable and probably quite interesting if you’re in the appropriate feelings for it. For me, the movie eventually remains me a bit cool and frustrated.

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