Frozen (2013) : Disney
Frozen (2013) : Disney
IMDB Rating :
IMDB Rating
Releasing Date :
27 November 2013 (USA)
Directed by :
Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad
Written by :
Chris Buck, Hans Christian Andersen, Jennifer Lee, Shane Morris
108 min
Summary :
Courageous optimist Anna - groups up with Kristoff in an impressive trip, experiencing Everest-like circumstances, and a very funny snowman known as Olaf in a competition to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy abilities have stuck kingdom in eternal winter.
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  • Pitt

    Frozen is a creatively amazing honor to sisterhood for the whole family members. It’s a strong inclusion to their latest rule. Provided Disney’s propensity to benefit a contemporary feeling pales to illustrating the real time frame. The studio’s pursuit to subvert the conventional queen has been their continuous objective for the last 20+ years so the way they modify “formula” is nothing new. Its modern take on princesses is very much a item of our periods. Idiomatic twenty-first millennium argot taints the procedures. There are authentic minutes of motivation, however. One has Elsa, the Snowfall King developing her snow adventure using her own paranormal capabilities. The series features the film’s trademark songs “Let It Go” a increasing announcement that says farewell to the last, rejoicing that she no more has to cover up her present. With arms outstretched, Elsa creates an ice stairway as she at the same time transcends up to the sky, Snowfall flurries are plentiful. She stomps the floor and a fractal picture of a snowflake develops from under the feet. Then she increases her arms and a shining bright ice adventure of freezing spires seems to be from all around her It’s a favorably stunning scene, among the best of the season, and a wondrous indication of the levels to which songs and pictures can merge in a Disney movie. Not since A super hero & his Castle of Isolation has a house been created so magnificently in ice.

  • Chris

    I really desired to really like Frozen but I discovered it amazingly irregular. Great movement, speech performing, and overlying idea aside… it’s rather underwhelming.

    The pacing was intensely hurried at various factors, the art route for many of the personality styles seemed sluggish, and a lot of the subplots and figures just sensed like unwanted.

  • Peter

    While it still requires components from Disney oldies in the last (which is almost difficult not to do these days), “Frozen” is a new gem from Disney Companies that I will keep in mind for a long period. The tale follows Ould – into a freezing heaven where she satisfies new buddies along the way to quit her sis from a power that is ruining the town and her sis. Loaded with very funny gags throughout, a very genuine tale that both family members and children as well will come to really like, this is the best cartoon movie of 2013 arms down. It has wonderful movement, which should get a nod right off the bat. The speech throw is ideal, because most of them were new stars and stars, which did not disturb me from considering too hard. Disney really realized how to get the viewers with this movie and I was definitely shifted by the end. It may have a few foreseeable minutes, but for the type of movie that it is, it’s forgivable. “Frozen” is fantastic!

  • Goddard

    what a great and amazing film this is so far best disney film

  • Carnahan

    Great Disney film. Awesome for all ages. This will be another Disney classic :)

  • Matthew

    Awesome film, Disney always amazing as regular. Definitely a great watch :) 10/10

  • James

    Finally !!!!!! Thanks you so much :D

  • Faris

    I’ve just watched the film and it was excellent. I think this film is better than any disney’s queen films.

  • Fire

    Good movie, and awesome soundtrack. ^^ I enjoyed going to watch it, but I felt that it was rushed on some parts, and (coming from a person who wants to be a writer) I think Elsa was too powerful? I mean, she could have taken over the world it seems, if she had wanted to. But those were the only two things that got me.

  • Icewish

    nice movie.

  • may christine

    nice film.

  • mohamed thabouti

    Good film for the family. Lovely finishing

  • Hardy

    This is so far outside my category of films that it is insane but the little skulls operating around my home liked it. It gets an 8.1/10 .
    Good film to look with family.

  • SantaBob

    Charming movie for the vacations with a pleasant finishing as well!

  • Jeo pardy

    WOW! Really awesome film. My children liked it too. Great story. 10/10

  • no name

    this movie really made me like Disney movies again

  • Sarreena

    This movie was amazingly touching, creative, and entertaining. Great animation, voices, and the script was a gem. Fantastic new concept for a modern day fairytale! 10/10

  • ellieth felix

    best diney film i give it 100/100
    amazing.I’m out of words!

  • jennymarz

    thank u vry much for uploading this movie.great movie .love it .i wanna thank you for thousand times !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    I can’t believe you have with such great quality. Its better than when I saw it in the cinemas. Its a great movie and not stereo typical which is great. I LOVE OLAF!

  • Tiffany

    I love it! I think they should have a Frozen 2 where Anna gets powers! This film did so good and had more potential for other movies! I hope they make a Frozen 2 where Anna gets powers!

  • Chioma ikechukwu

    frozen is a nice movie and Disney is a great movie producer

  • Abani

    thank you soooooo much for this !!

  • ryo


  • Femina

    Thanks to this website for making us watch this movie for free…And Wonderful movie…ever…The True Love and happiness and cute movements and sweet little jokes with the snow doll…so lovable…amazing…Hmmmmm feeling happy now :)

  • Femina

    Ya exactly i too wish there is a part 2 and let the happiness continue.As said “Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Music” everything was there in this movie…a beautiful concept too…I wish I was there in the fantasy snow land :) Once again thanks a lot for This movie :)

  • Fahrenaz

    This was an amazing movie i have watched it about 6 times already. I think Disney should try to make Elsa and Jack Frost a thing. Then they can make a Frozen 2 where everyone has kids and Elsa’s daughter has powers as well. I am afraid that many people will stop watching Disney movies because of this. A lot of people are mad at Disney for not making this come true. Any aways still an amazing movie to watch with my sister! : )

  • Deana

    These is the most funniest and cute disney movie ive everd watch

  • Deana

    i wish there is a frozen 2 where anna marries kristoff

  • Themoods


  • T-swizzlegirl16

    This movie is so amazing. I want Part 2 :) ^_^

  • diana

    Its amazing i love it i hope you all like it its pretty cute and romantic.

  • Bryanna

    this is such a cute movie, my daughter loves it :) definitely will be one of the best Disney classics.


  • Ellie

    This film is so good I can just watch it over and over again it’s just so amazing I wonder if they could make frozen
    2 so Anna could get powers and keep it a sea rest

  • lorenza



    I love frozen.Frozen is my no.1 favorite movie.It is amazing.I LOVE IT.I WATCHED SO MANY TIMES IN ASTRO BEST.I CAN’T STOP WATCHING FROZEN

  • oneknightdj

    Back to the classics w present day animation and princess Disney vocals and frozen makes its mark in the record books exactly as its named…. Frozen in time … Look out once upon a time.

  • poonam

    i was pleasantly surprised..Frozen Movie much better than i thought it would be

  • poda

    its awesome

  • poda

    thank for this movie

  • -jackfrost-

    i love this—-`—anna

  • ahmed ahmed


  • emi

    I love it

  • Nice Movie Ever

  • FrozenC

    Awesome And Fabulous !!! 100/100 RATE LOVE IT!!!. BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

  • Sarah

    Jelsa should be a thing. They would make a good couple.

  • sani sadia


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