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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013)
6.0/10 95,930 Votes

When her mom is assaulted and taken from their home in NY Town by a devil, a apparently common young lady, Clary Fray, discovers out facts about her previous and bloodline on her pursuit to get her returning, that changes her whole lifestyle.

  • Directed by:Harald Zwart
  • Writer(s):Jessica Postigo (screenplay), Cassandra Clare (based on the novel by)
  • Cast:Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Jemima West
  • Distributor:Constantin Film Produktion, Don Carmody Productions, Unique Features, Mr. Smith Productions
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance
  • Release Date:21 Aug 2013
  • Runtime:130 min
  • Awards:6 wins & 10 nominations.

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  • georgiax

    First of all you need to know this evaluation is from the 39 season old Men who has never study the guides. Having observed the buzz that this was the next evening sequence (which I dutifully, but hardly sustained as a outstanding husband)… this movie is NOTHING LIKE TWILIGHT AT ALL. This is why:

    This is a movie created for more then just young ladies and football mothers. It’s has actual activity, strong performing, outstanding cinematography, and lives more on situation then romantic endeavors.

    Having never study the Deadly Equipment guides, I was a little hesitant of seeing the movie and being completely missing. My problems were misguided as the first time of the display does a strong job of resting out situation. The first time did seem a little lengthy for me, but was well value it and necessary as it created the last time easy to understand and fly by with its non-stop activity. This is nothing like what I was anticipating after having to withstand the evening movies with their awful performing and goofy cinematography. As well as several one-hit amazing things of werewolf/vampire/demon reveals that have come out since. This display had genuine results, excellent activity minutes, and some really outstanding performing activities. Here’s my breakdown:

    Effects: From the starting this movie reveals it’s a phase above with cinematography and results. The devils were awful, terrifying, and awesome! When expected people convert to devils, this is done very well. One doubtful impact towards the starting of the display was quickly neglected due to the many outstanding results during the whole display.

    Action: Having seen Jamie Campbell Bower on the red carpeting just minutes before seeing the display, I had serious problems about him being able to take off a credible activity determine due to his thin structure. Unusually, it was the activity minutes where I experienced his performing the best and considered he was the primary man. On the whole, the battle minutes were very interesting, particularly the finishing sequence. There were two periods though, I desired they had created the battle minutes a little more time to demonstrate more of difficult to get over.

    Acting: This is where I was most pleased. Lily Collins and John Sheehan took the display with regards to strong, credible activities. Jamie did a effective job and surpassed my objectives, but did drop a little brief at simple periods as his thin structure could not be get over in the taken. His make an effort to be seen as challenging when his prominence said otherwise captured me at periods. I sensed like all the artists were interesting though, apart from the part of Magnus. I’m not sure if it was his performing or the part they put him in, but it just didn’t seem to fit the personality he could/should have been. Visitors may experience in a different way here, I was just puzzled if he was designed to be a challenging guy or a laugh.

    Storyline: Naturally they had to lay the base of situation, which for the first time they did. There was a lot of details to take in the first time and genuinely I started to question how they were going to take this fill of details and tie it all together by the end. I was impressed by how well they did it! The last time went by as they did an outstanding job of attaching in each factor and doing it with very powerful dilemma.

  • lsorbd

    I study this guide before viewing the movie and i was frightened to see if they would get all the significant factors from the guide into the movie. I think they did a very excellent job to get it all in, in just over two time.

    Cast: I believed they throw this movie completely and all the figures performed there tasks completely. My preferred personality from the guide and movie is Jace as he was so funny and he was really funny in the movie which is excellent.

    Story line: The tale in this movie is all very crowded together as the guide was quite big so i think the film writer done a excellent job suitable it all in the 2 time.

    Music: The songs in this movie was ideal and fixed in with the movie completely.

    overall i think this movie was amazing but there was some factors that they modified which creates me wonder how they will be modifying the tale in the second movie.

  • Jess Rushing

    Complete movie: 90/100 Acting: 80/100 Effects: 80/100 Guide Changes: 80/100 Amazing Level: 100/100

    Not really any spoilers, just the discuss of changes, and certain moments. As a fan of the guides, I came into this understanding they were going to modify factors, and being okay with it. I was very satisfied with the little changes, and rearrangements. I liked this film. It has to be one of my preferred book to movies. It’s different, but the changes all fit well with were the film went, and ran. Despite what experts have said, I think this is nothing at all like Evening or John Knitter. It’s nothing we ever have seen before, being a fan of a lot of YA books and movies, (and have continuously study and viewed them) so I know what is what. This movie/book is not at all like Evening, especially. For one the women cause can actually punch ass, and take a position up for herself. The performing was much, much, better than I predicted. John Sheehan was amazing as Simon, Lilly Collins an excellent cause, truly taking off Clary, and Jamie Campbell Bower was everything I ever thought for Jace. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was definitely terrifying, as the rogue, Valentine’s, Kevin Zegers performed Alec ideal, and new comer Jemina Western was the best Isabelle I could image.

    WHO WILL LIKE THIS MOVIE: I was with my mom, who has not study the guides at all, and she liked it. She is a fan of dream like I am, so she was able to keep up with everything, and comprehend. Compared with some experts who mentioned they couldn’t keep up with all the new conditions. So I suggest this film to ANYONE who prefers dream movies, that have activity, excellent performing, really like, and a little bit of terrifying.

    Who SHOULDN’T Watch this movie: Individuals who anticipate this to be Evening, and just another teenager display. Individuals who can’t agree to changes to it at all.

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