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We’re the Millers (2013)
7.1/10 283,212 Votes

A expert pot supplier makes a bogus family members as part of his strategy to shift a large shipping of marijuana into the U.S. from

  • Directed by: Rawson Marshall Thurber,
  • Writer(s): Bob Fisher (screenplay), Steve Faber (screenplay), Sean Anders (screenplay), John Morris (screenplay), Bob Fisher (story), Steve Faber (story),
  • Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter,
  • Distributor:New Line Cinema, BenderSpink, Heyday Films, Newman/Tooley Films, Vincent Newman Entertainment, Slap Happy Productions (II),
  • Genre:Comedy
  • Release Date:07 Aug 2013
  • Runtime:110 min
  • Awards:4 wins & 13 nominations.

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  • Socrates

    ooommmggg I wanna see this!! It looks awesome!

  • spenrose

    Gonna be hilarious. Can’t wait.

  • Grillita

    All star cast with an awesome concept.

  • schmittycat

    We’re The Millers follows regional pot supplier Bob Clark (Jason Sudeikis) after regrettable conditions cause his manager, Kaira Gurdlinger (Ed Helms), to have him transportation massive shipping of marijuana from South America into the U.S. To do this, Bob puts together a bogus close relatives keeping the last name Burns to combination the boundary without doubt. This close relative includes Increased O’Reilly (Jennifer Aniston), a pole dancer who lifestyles in David’s residence prevent, Kenny Rossmoor (Will Pouter), David’s dorky next door neighbor, and Casey Mathis (Emma Roberts), the regional “gutter punk”.

  • gibson63

    While this particular tale may be unique, the way the film performs out is absolutely saying. When viewing the film you’re going to be able to tell what’s going to occur next as far as the development of feelings between the figures. The traditional at first they don’t get along, then they begin to have fun, then they discover out something about one of the figures that angers them, yada yada yada. You know the routine. But I’m very easygoing with comedies because they have one job: to create me have an excellent laugh and we’re The Millers, for the most aspect, does its job efficiently.

  • mattkratz

    This is a very foolish crazy. There is no laugh that requires any believed to determine, but the film never seems complete of itself. It’s very self conscious and doesn’t try to be something it’s not. That being said, I don’t know if I would have liked the film as much if it wasn’t for the throw, particularly Sudeikis and Pouter. Sudeikis just has an organic appeal to him and he provides collections that aren’t actually that excellent in methods that create them crazy (Also he’s involved to Olivia Wilde, so excellent on him). Pouter has the most ideal experience for this aspect. I almost experience bad for saying it but his personality was very crazy just because he’s such a dorky looking guy. Aniston and Roberts do what they can with what they’re given in the program but neither of them really do anything that separated itself to me (Except for a field that was actually rather unpleasant after Kenny efforts to tease with a girl). Also, Chip Offer man is in the film for a little bit and has a really amazing field including a mug. None of the other stars really do anything value referring to, which absorbs because Ed Helms is in this film and nothing with him created me have an excellent laugh due to the unfortunately poor program. Really it’s the stars that created this film pleasant, and the point that the b-reel during the attributes of the film is more amusing than most of the real film supports that up.


    We’re the Millers is a foul- oral cavity funny. Based on your funny & what you let your kids observe would will effect your viewpoint on this film. It’s about a man who makes a bogus family members to get medication over the boundary of South america. I Individually liked it. But allowing my young close relatives to look at it would rely on age and adulthood. It has powerful language, sexual intercourse and definitions, homosexuality, medication and raw funny. But hey, isn’t that what some people like to watch? I thought the film was extremely crazy, it had me having a laugh the whole time. But while it may contain some of these things it does have a good finishing. If your a push over for crazy really like experiences then perhaps you should give this film a chance!

  • naregian

    We’re the Millers is going to create you have an excellent laugh. The film is more very funny than you would think. You will be shock how innovative some of those “stupid”, crazy and absurd moments are. The ladies are doing an excellent job. Emma Roberts as an upset teenager with a big oral cavity and Jennifer Aniston as an attractive pole dancer with mom intuition. Liked the pole dancer moments with Jennifer who looks as hot as ever. Kenny (Will Poulter) is just so ideal for the aspect of virgin mobile, lovely young guy and of course Jerr Sudeikis as Bob – the medication supplier – is the one and only who can take that personality as excellent as he did. The Millers are just the most ideal “family”. They selected just the right individuals for this funny. You can anticipate unclean, crazy, attractive, and ridiculous! Just go and see it so you can have an excellent summer time laugh!

  • saeed


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